Solutions Across Industries


60,000 LB Compressor
Install of a new 62,140 lb compressor skid package onto foundation inside the site’s building using (6) each of Hilman 7.5 ton chain rollers with Swivel Locking Padded tops (model 7.5-SLP).
NASA Rocket Roll Out
Hilman Custom Cradle & Radius Rollers integrate seamlessly into NASA's launch system for new deep-space rocket.
Marlins Stadium Roof
Custom Chain Action Rollers allow for smooth and gradual transfer of the load from the shores to the trusses for an askew roof.
Tappan Zee Bridge
300 Ton Rollers with Rocker Tops launch three spans of Bridge over live commuter rail line.
Queensferry Crossing
300 Ton Rollers used during construction of brand new largest cable-stayed bridge in the world.
Hydraulic Die Lifters
Hilman Engineering designed custom die handling roller with four hydraulic rams and porting built right in it.