60,000 LB Compressor


YEAR: 2020

Product: 7.5 SLP Rollers with channel tracks

A new power station is being built in Illinois. Part of the scope was to receive and install a new 62,140 lb compressor skid package onto foundation inside the site’s building. The contractor’s compressor offload and installation plan included the use of (6) each of Hilman 7.5 ton chain rollers with Swivel Locking Padded tops (model 7.5-SLP). The station’s compressor building already had the roof installed which required a roll in of the new compressor through the overhead door opening. 


7.5 SLP Rollers used to move 62,000 lb Compressor


Prior to the compressor arriving, the contractor leveled and laid out 8’’ wide channel north south and east west runs for the Hilman Rollers to travel on. At the intersection locations, flat steel was laid out which would allow the rollers to rotate from east west to north south orientation.


8" Channel Track


The Compressor was loaded on to Hilman Rollers using a hydraulic crane.  The contractor then rolled it east 100 ft on track to the intersection point.  Once at the intersection the rollers needed to be rotated from East/West orientation to North/South.  Six hydraulic Toe Jacks were used to lift the load so that the rollers could be rotated and cribbing was added to increase travel height (to clear floor obstruction).  A small come-along was attached for side shift travel South to the set location.  The compressor was then rolled/side shifted south to the set location where the toe jacks were again used to lift the compressor, clear the Hilman Rollers, and set the compressor onto its foundation.  This low cost Hilman load moving solution was a great match for this project! 

View Video Here:  https://youtu.be/t9L7HtmAU20