JetAir International Pipeline Construction


YEAR: 2004


This pipeline was laid to transport water which is injected into oil wells to maintain pressures. Hilman was able to modify 15 ton capacity OT Rollers with Accu-Roll System to replace a cam follower arrangement in a Positive Seal Coupling Joining Unit machine. In this operation, the Pipe Coupler Machines are suspended in the air by cranes so they can twist and turn to adjust to the pipe.

The application required a specific guidance system to control how and where the pipeline would be arranged.

The 15-OT with Accu-Roll are guides for 16" travel block pistons and the rollers move 2 feet in one direction and then back again while bearing a constant load of 10 tons. The Hilman Rollers help make the system much more stable under load. They have the ability to withstand vertical loads upward or downward and horizontally.