Lift & Roll System


YEAR: 2001



Featured above are six 1250-XTW modifed rollers with rams in pre-installation testing.

Hilman provided an alternative lift & roll system for Keppel FELS for ENSCO Rig 102 . The cantilever beams are supported by six 1,250 ton rollers. Each roller is supported by six hydraulic cylinders nested in a sub-frame. The hydraulics ensure that each roller is under full contact during the skidding mode. When retracted, the rig does not contact the rollers resulting in no freeze-ups, beam tear-ups or huge pushing cylinders.


Profile view of hydraulic rams beneath the cantilever beams and Hilman Rollers.

The lift and roll system is built for the life of the rig.  No grease is required making it more environmentally friendly.  The reduced power requirements lower inital costs and maintenance fees.  It also can increase cantilever beam life and is easily accessible for inspection.