Port Side Casing Move

Location: Blue Marlin Netherlands

Year: 2005

Product: 200 XOT Modified Roller with Accu-roll guidance

Eight 200 ton capacity XOT Hilman Rollers with Accu-Roll Guidance System were used for moving the M/V Blue Marlin’s portside casing.



The (8) rollers were fitted to (4) load spreader beams, which where in turn fitted on the casing by a crude hinge construction. The rollers were constrained from moving in transverse direction by a rail.

Two modified Hilman Rollers in their channels with the load supported on the provided I-Beam.

Even though the casing itself weighs only approximately 310 tons, the vessel’s stern is not designed for large point-loads, so, eight 200 ton capacity rollers were used. Loadspreaders were used to evenly disperse the load into the vessel’s webframes and the use of larger rolls, reduced the rolling friction. Due to the fact that the vessel’s deck is never completely flat, the decision was made to use Hilman Rollers P-pad to absorb small differences in height. Accu-Roll was fitted to ensure that the sides of the Hilman rollers did not “grind” into the side of the rail.

The vessel’s winches were fitted with steel wire cable and using several snatchblocks, the casing was able to be pulled across the deck with ease.

A force of 12.5 tons (or 4%) was exerted on the casing to obtain break away motion.