Shipyard Move


Location: Port arthur, tx

year: 2020

product: 18 ton bull dolly with steel wheels

A shipyard in Port Arthur, TX uses Hilman rollers with custom tops that they weld on to primarily build and repair barges.  As the barges are going through their shop, they roll them on Hilman rollers.  Some barges are very large and heavy, causing the rollers to crack the top of their concrete.  Eventually, the debris would get in the roller chains and the rollers would get stuck.  As they pushed the barges forward, the jammed-up rollers would scrape along the concrete further damaging it and eventually leading to failure of the rollers.

After seeing their application, we recommended steel-wheeled dollies instead of rollers.  Note the condition of the floor in the pictures.  It used to be smooth, but now is quite rough.  A larger diameter wheel works better for them now.  


18 Ton Bull Dolly with Steel Wheels