Time Project Chamber (TPC)

location: Upton, New York, united states

year: 2005

product: 75-ot modified rollers

STAR is a massive detector specialized in the tracking of thousands of particles produced by each ion collision. At the heart of the STAR lies the Time Project Chamber (TPC) detector. The TPC is a large cylindrical tracking device for charged particles at the Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York.

The TPC weighed 1100 tons and rested on (2) 36 ton cradles. These cradles then rested on 75-OT Hilman Rollers and hydraulic pistons which were guided by rails between the assembly building and experimental hall.

The Type R Accu-Roll seen above is the most common system for guidance and is ideal for any system, permanent or temporary.

OT Series Rollers can withstand high static loading over long periods, often carrying the full load weight for more than a year with no adverse effect.