Toe Jacks

Hilman Toe Jacks allow you to get under and lift equipment. Since there are lifting points on both the toe and the top of the jack these are the perfect complement to our chain action rollers and dollies.

Low Clearance

Our Toe Jacks can lift equipment with just over 1" of ground clearance (1.06" to be exact).  Our Toe Jacks comply with ASME B30.1 standards and include pressure valves to prevent overloading.  In addition, our 5 & 10 models can operate both vertically and horizontally. Since the base, toe and pump swivel independently of each other, you can fit the jack in confined spaces.  



Hydraulic Pump

Deluxe Jacks come with an external hose coupler that allows the user to attach an external hand or electric hydraulic pump for easy and safe positioning.


High quality lifting toe

Hilman Deluxe Jacks feature a high quality lifting toe that can be adjusted to several heights to accommodate different lift points.  Strong lift legs and a release valve combine to make stable lifting and smooth lowering of heavy objects.    


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